Who we are.

Enovast is an independent private audit & study agency assisted by several professionals of industry , specializing in real estate assets focused on emerging sectors.

Since 2015, we lead a real estate partners group and a network of experts in real estate investments that we assist.

Our main role is to analyze the data and metadata of the real estate markets, in order to detect the best trends at the right time.

The Enovast Member interface, designed and dedicated to members, allows you to view your own land assets and bring them together, allowing intuitive and comprehensive management. Our studies & analyzes will allow everyone to define the right time to sell / buy an asset, transform its use and optimize its profitability according to the market.

Our skills.

Enovast brings its knowledge until then reserved exclusively for large companies. The technology available to our members today is creating a real impact and opening up a significant field of vision in the real estate industry.

The Enovast’s advantages

  • Valuation of goods for marketing purposes

  • Advice or arbitration, for the purposes of legal expertise of real estate

  • Expertise of buildings, offices, shops, and homes

  • Rate analysis

  • Funding risk analysis

  • Real estate taxation

  • Financial calculations applied to real estate

  • Practical case – Funding of a portfolio

  • Residential asset valuation

  • Computer science applied to real estate asset valuation methods

  • Real estate and sustainable development

  • Technical audit of buildings

Discover Enovast.

– Enovast makes its technology available and offers its project study in the acquisition phase or in the planning of future installation for companies or individuals. –

Enovast masters a multitude of artificial programs for monitoring and controlling assets as well as data analysis to understand the effects of demand-driven land markets.

Our expertises.

ENOVAST offers his common values of success to his customers

Discipliner Process.

Our market research into available real estate opportunities, combined with a value-driven self-pilot discipline, optimizes our ability to improve the profitability of our clients’ assets.

Our detailed and disciplined process is based on proprietary fundamental research, carried out by a strong and experienced team of professionals in each industry.

The group advises real estate projects, supports and supervises the improvement of real estate, organizes business projects in the real estate sector or in sectors where real estate is a key success factor.

Transparent methodology.

Discover the advantages of the Club.