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Capital Innovation

Control of innovative projects with an objective vision

It’s true that since the 1990s real estate has been considered one of the safest investments. However, successful investors are those who have diversified their portfolios.

Enovast’s strategy consists of creating or supporting a limited number of business or real estate projects each year, chosen for their innovative qualities and development prospects.

Enovast provides everyone, thanks to its network of partners, with active support and favoring the constitution of long-term assets aimed at simply maximizing the rate of return.

About diversification and real estate investing.

The main advantage of a diversified real estate portfolio is to reduce the risks associated with any type of real estate investment or real estate market.

The broad spectrum allocation of private equity is how real estate investors balance risk and reward in their investment portfolio.

By diversification we mean spreading capital and investing in different types of real estate in different rental markets. A global strategy of diversification of the real estate portfolio adapted to the complex investment environment, such as the geographical area or the real estate sector.

How our data can help you?

By accessing market prices

To have value, you have to make sure you have update data: your clients demand update, quality data from the real estate professional. Our strategy is to create intelligent solutions to the problems posed by the massification of information data of real estate indices as part of their use. For this, we design interfaces and tools to inform, calculate, and work with the data used.

We process data from large real estate portals in near real time to guarantee you the latest statistics and trends in market prices and rents. Our know-how makes data readable and technology accessible.

So you can combine your expertise with our data to make your real estate estimates.

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